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Once Upon a Time

A Renaissance villa. A velvet underground. A Parisian atelier. A swinging ‘60s scene. A Jazz Age boudoir. A hippie mecca. The Heidi Abra boutique, an ivy-covered Art Deco building in West Hollywood, evokes all these places and moments. An Italian onyx table here, a pile of gemstone belt buckles there and you’ve slipped into a world of magical possibilities. This is not so much shopping as it is daydreaming—about whom you want to be today, tomorrow, for the rest of your life. These clothes, jewels, accessories and treasures are not about fashion in its most transient sense, but about style at its most personal.

The designer’s studio is also here, overflowing with the bolts of jewel-toned brocade, bouquets of peacock feathers and piles of glittering gemstones that inspire her. Her real muses, though, are extraordinary women: luminous icons from every era like Louise Brooks, Frida Kahlo and Joni Mitchell, and the many artists, stylists and bohemians who come into the boutique to get their fix of eclectic and unusual pieces. Many are one of a kind, like those who wear them.

In a world where nearly everything, especially fashion, is mass produced and disposable, some things really are made to keep forever. We invite you to visit the Heidi Abra boutique and discover the magical timeless beauty.

"A Joni Mitchell, Carol King, and Patti Smith kind of boutique. Owner, designer, decorator, Heidi Abra is quite the one woman show. She has the 70s Laurel Canyon look in many different forms. There are the dresses, each different and beautifully flowing. That's her shout out to Carol King. There's the jewelry: gorgeous precious and semi-precious necklaces and belt buckles. Joni Mitchell's understated style that is in no means understated. Then there is the Patti Smith committed to the art. Abra stays true to her bohemian looks no matter what the fashion trend. A boutique to visit and a woman to know." - Blackbook Magazine

7278 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tel: 323-632-9886
[email protected] 

Open by appointment


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